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Catherine studied Shiatsu and Chinese medicine,

with Floris de Clerq,

at the Cape Town Academy of Shiatsu, in 2000.

She qualified first in her class.

She then travelled to Ireland and the UK,

where she practiced as she travelled.

Since returning to Cape Town,

she has built a loyal list of clientele,

through personal referrals.

In 2008, she returned to The Academy of Shiatsu,

to study her teachers-training,

and then continued to teach at The Academy,

until 2011.

Catherine is constantly expanding

her knowledge of Chinese medicine,

and is currently studying

with Dr Michael McLoughlin. 




is the art of balancing the body,

through the use of massage,

acupressure, and stretch.

Shiatsu benefits both body and mind,

by creating deep relaxation,

stimulating the function of the meridian system,

and helping the organs perform at their best."

This Japanese massage style,

was developed in the 19th / 20th Century,

by Tokujiro Namikoshi.

It evolved from earlier massage styles, i.e. Anma

(which was traditionally taught to the blind),

and Tui Na (Chinese medical massage),

which was introduced to Japan

in the Nara Period (710 - 784 AD).

The theory and practice of Shiatsu,

follows the same meridian system,

as is used in acupuncture,

however instead of needles,

we use thumbs, elbows and knees,

to stimulate the acupuncture points.

These points, are able to influence

the flow of Chi (life force),

which carries information for bodily function,

and brings about better states of health

and well-being, in our bodies.

Shiatsu is performed fully clothed,

and through cloth, on a mat, on the floor.

The treatment starts with a brief chat,

where your needs / ailments are discussed.

With this information, your session is planned,

and then the treatment begins.

It combines stretching, palming, shaking,

rubbing and pressure point techniques,

to stimulate the flow of Chi through the body,

and results in a deeply peaceful,

relaxed state of being.

Refrain from vigorous exercise after a treatment,

and drink plenty of water.


Contact ...

Catherine Tuck


Tel: +27 (0)78 255 1116


Upper East Side

170 Upper Buitenkant Str.


Cape Town


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Face Yoga

For ladies and gentlemen

who would like to age gracefully,

Face Yoga Lessons,

are a wonderfully powerful, maintenance tool.

Facial exercise,

helps keep the facial tissues firm / lifted,

and the skin smooth and glowing.

Enquire after private classes.

Change Your Face,

Change You Life.

Tui Na

This is the form

of Chinese Medical Massage,

from which Shiatsu evolved.

It is performed on a plinth, fully clothed.

It combines grasping, percussive techniques,

wiping and shaking,

to stimulate the acupuncture points,

improving Chi-flow,

and over all well - being.